Charlotte Bray: Chamber and Solo Works

Barbara Buntrock is part of the recordings of British composer Charlotte Bray's new CD "Chamber and Solo Works". For the album she has interpreted the pieces "Invisible Cities" together with the pianist Huw Watkins, "Zustände" as part of the Mariani Klavierquartett and "The Sun Was Chasing Venus" together with the Amaryllis Quartet. The CD was released on the 5th of October on the label Nimbus and is available here.

Walter Braunfels: Scottish Fantasy

Barbara Buntrock recorded in 2017 the "Scottish Fantasy", together with the Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland Pfalz and Gregor Bühl as conductor, by composer Walter Braunfels, whose work was forgotten as he was called a "degenerate composer" in the time of the Nazis. The label Capriccio is releasing his whole oeuvre. HERE you can listen to excerpts or order the album.

New CD released

Barbara Buntrock released a new CD: She recorded Christian Wilhelm Westerhoff's Viola Concertos No. 1 and 3, presenting works by a hardly known contemporary of Mozart and Beethoven. Barbara Buntrock is accompanied by the Osnabrücker Symphonieorchester and Andreas Hotz (conductor).

Further information here.

New CD with the Mariani Klavierquartett

Barbara Buntrock and the Mariani Klavierquartett have published a new album. For their CD "Idée Fixe" (Vol. 1) they recorded Enescu's first Piano Quartet and Fauré's second Piano Quartet. The two quartets fit very well together - after all, Enescu was one of Fauré's pupils! Barbara Buntrock explains: "We were fascinated by these works immediately and it became clear pretty fast that we would like to combine them in a CD project."